finned tubular heating element

Open Coil vs. Finned Tubular Heating Elements

Making a choice between an open coil and a finned tubular heating element can be hard. To understand the right heating element for your application, Heatrex specialists will guide you by providing detailed information about the parameters and configurations based on your preferences.

Finned Tubular Heating Element

Finned tubular heaters are custom-designed specifically to meet certain job specification in the manufacturing industry. A finned tubular heating element is similar to open coil heating element, but they differ on functionality. The tubular duct heater comprises of:

  • Steel fins that are brazed and centered inside copper plated steel tubes
  • A heating element wire consisting of 80/20 nickel/chromium, which is protected against corrosion by an aluminum coating capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Properly insulated terminals with silicone rubber, which protects the finned tubular heating element against moisture
  • Magnesium oxide filler that guarantees rapid transfer of heat from the element to the tube and the steel fins

finned tubular heating element

Advantages of Finned Tubular Heating Elements

If you are looking for an economical option, the finned tubular heating element is what you should consider.

  • Finned tubular heating elements help in the reduction of watt density, which allows for consistency of air flow streams within the duct
  • Tubular heating ducts consist of finned tubular elements, specifically designed for use in outdoor environments

Finned duct heaters are good for applications that need high kW output, making them economical in terms of lowering manufacturing costs.

Open Coil Heating Element

Open coil heating elements utilize high grade resistance wires available in the manufacturing industry, and contains:

  • An 80% nickel and 20% chromium wire that has a low operating temperature with high corrosion resistance, less sag, resistance coupled with a longer life cycle compared to other resistance wires

finned tubular heating element

Advantages of Open Coil Heating Elements

In case you’re looking for a product that suits your simple space heating application, you’d better consider an open coil duct heater, since it provides lower kW output, and:

  • Is available in small size compared to a finned tubular heating element
  • Releases heat directly into the air stream, which makes it run cooler that the finned tubular element
  • Has a lower drop in pressure
  • Provides a large electrical clearance

Using correct heating elements on heating applications can help minimize your manufacturing costs. If you need a reliable partner for your industrial application needs, contact us today. One of our customer support specialists will be waiting to assist you.

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