Heatrex, A One Stop Shop For all Your Heating Needs.

From its beginning in 1959, Heatrex has held the belief that good communication, employee education, attentive customer service and the attitude to excel are the primary ingredients in the manufacture of superior products. Heatrex commits its future to continually provide quality products and performance to its customers.

The engineering team at Heatrex utilizes the latest in CAD systems to provide a timely response to each customer’s needs. Schooled in the “Total Quality” philosophy, Heatrex engineers maintain, and strive to continually improve the design process. Proprietary software removes subjectivity from the design process, providing innovative solutions for design challenges. Drawing and specification control procedures insure that all internal departments, suppliers and subcontractors are continually updated, using the latest customer specifications.

Heatrex understands customer needs; that the accuracy and dependability of a product are crucial to its performance. Heatrex maintains an organization-wide effort to insure product conformance to rigid specifications. Each department carries its own responsibilities in the Continuous Improvement Process, in order to perpetually enhance the production sequence and insure product compliance. Manufacturing parameters are well defined and methodically monitored, assuring cost-effective production and product consistency. Quality is built-in rather than “hoped for” eliminating outdated modes of inspection.

Heatrex maintains quality throughout the manufacturing process starting with inspection of incoming materials from pre-approved suppliers to final inspections of finished products; each critical operation is carefully documented. All documentation travels with the customer order. Testing equipment is kept in compliance with defined specifications, and is independently audited to confirm accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. First Article inspection is performed to confirm that all specifications have been met.

Final quality audits of product characteristics and in-process control procedures insure that all customer specifications and expectations have been met… resulting in total customer satisfaction.

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