Component Heaters for Skid-Mounted Process Heating Systems

The Challenge

  • A global skid-process system manufacturer that works in the power gen, oil & gas, nuclear, and industrial sectors was challenged to design skid-mounted processing equipment for a major energy company. The energy company needed a modular system that would increase the efficiency of their turbines for a series of oil & gas applications. The modular system needed to heat and circulate lubrication oil used to lubricate the turbines. The quality of the heater was of utmost importance, as maintaining the oil at a precise temperature in the holding reservoir is paramount in ensuring the system consistently ran effectively. The customer needed a solution that perfectly balanced durability, ease of maintenance, and customization to specs.

Component Heaters for Skid-Mounted Process Heating Systems

The Solution

  • Heatrex’s reputation for quality has earned it a place on many preferred supplier lists, including being a GE approved Supplier.  In addition to producing premium quality products, Heatrex was awarded the contract to manufacture 16 immersion heaters due to its competitive price and short lead times. The Heatrex engineering team designed a flanged immersion heater that was ready to “plug in” to the modular system upon arrival, not only making installation smoother, but guaranteeing ease of maintenance.

Component Heaters for Skid-Mounted Process Heating Systems

The Benefits

  • Heatrex’s customized immersion heaters enabled the process system manufacturer to successfully deliver the optimal skid mounted process system for its customer. The skid manufacturing company was so impressed with these immersion heaters, they recognized Heatrex, in an ISO audit (International Organization for Standardization), as a supplier with unprecedented customer focus that consistently meets the sourcing requirements on quality and price, upholds the highest standards of delivery quality, and demonstrates the highest levels of flexibility and responsiveness.


Heatrex played an integral role in delivering the necessary quality, and continues to work closely with the manufacturer to exceed the energy company’s high expectations.

Customer Testimonial

“We have been very happy with the Heatrex heating elements, especially on lead times and pricing. The competitors can’t compare on those aspects.”

Global Process System Manufacturer


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