240 Series Unit Heater 

The 240 Series unit heater is available in 50 standard models with ratings up to 50 KW and voltages of 208, 240, 277, and 480 single or three-phase. They are available with a wide variety of factory built-in or field-installed options.

Temperature Control: Single-stage or two-stage control with built-in or remote-mounted thermostats are available on all heaters.

Control Options: Available as factory built-in or fieldinstalled to meet job specifications. Custom KW’s: Custom KW’s are available up to 50 KW.

Discharge Direction: Heater can be mounted for horizontal or vertical discharge using an optional universal wall/ ceiling mounting bracket or with field-furnished threaded rods for ceiling mounting.

Color Options: The standard color is camel. Six optional colors are available: grey, yellow, red, white, blue or textured beige. Heaters may also be supplied with unpainted corrosion resistant galvanized steel.


  • Factories
  • Garages
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Pump Houses
  • Service Areas in Air Handling Units
  • Shipping and Receiving Areas
  • Storage Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops

Standard Construction Features


Heating Elements – Industrial grade, 0.475” diameter steel sheath with brazed copper plated steel fins and epoxy sealed ends. Draw-thru airflow design pulls air across the heating elements to ensure cool element operation and even air distribution resulting in long element life.

Housing – Heating elements and motor are enclosed in a heavy gage galvanized steel cabinet with a durable polyester powder coat finish.

Outlet Grille – Individually adjustable louvers are provided to direct airflow. A protective outlet fan guard is provided to prevent insertion of foreign objects.

Fan Motor – Permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor.

Built-in Controls – All units include an automatic reset thermal cutout that will de-energize the heater if an over-temperature condition occurs. A manual Standard Construction Features reset thermal cutout, in addition to an automatic reset thermal cutout, is standard on heaters 10 KW and above. A fan relay is provided to allow the elements to heat up before fan startup and purges the heater of residual heat after shutdown. A 24-volt transformer and disconnecting contactor are provided on most heaters. Single-phase heaters rated at 5 KW or less have line voltage controls; 24-volt control and contactor are available. Power fusing is standard on all heaters rated over 48 amps.

Mounting – Universal horizontal or vertical discharge. Optional diffusers are available for vertical discharge. An Anemostat diffuser can be used to provide draft free air movement at lower mounting heights. For higher mounting heights, radial diffuser with adjustable fins can be used to increase floor coverage or adjusted for a vertical down blast of air.

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