Immersion Heaters in the Food Industry  

Heatrex manufactures accurate, sturdy immersion heaters that can be used in food industries.


How to Choose the Correct Heater for Food Processing

Immersion heaters can be immersed directly into the medium that needs to be heated.  The types of immersion heaters will differ with their installation aspects.  They may be installed in screw plug, flanged, or over-the-side position.


Screw Plug Heater

A screw plug heater is composed of tubular heating elements welded into a NPT fitting.  This heater will directly screw or plug into the system through a threaded opening.    What makes this heater suitable for varying range of industrial applications, is that it is easy to operate and it is energy efficient.


Screw Plug Heater


Flanged Heater

A flanged heater is constructed of  tubular heating elements that are welded a flange.  This heater is also suitable for a varying range of industrial applications, and is easy to operate.


Flanged Heater

Over-the-Side Heater

This heater is designed to be used in systems that do not allow side heating due to their construction.   These heaters are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Over the Side Heater

Over the Side Heater

Application in Food Industry

Immersion heaters used in the food industry are mostly used in hot water storage tanks and preheating food processing equipment.  Common application for these types of heaters in the food industry:

  • Boiler equipment
  • Freeze protection for liquid and gaseous mediums
  • Heat flow systems
  • Rising and cleaning systems
  • Preheating to intense heating of varying grades of cooking oil


Selection Guidelines

There are varying spectrum of immersions heaters, but there are some guidelines when choosing a the correct immersion heater based on the technical and engineering aspects. Keep in mind when selecting a heater for industrial use:

  • Sheath or material of the heater
  • External design; can the system be broken down or does it have fixed parts?
  • Copper and steel immersion heaters work the best for food equipment



There are factors that will directly influence the immersion heaters ability to heat and performance:

  • Viscosity, density, and reactive properties of the medium to be heated
  • Types and amount of impurities of the medium
  • Extremely contaminated medium will impact the performance
  • Sheath corrosion, humidity and dust resistance properties
  • Maximum heat resistance of sheath material

If you like to speak with a Heatrex representative about your need of an immersion heater for your food industry application please visit our website.


Slip-in Mounting and Flanged

Electric duct heaters can be installed in several forms, but the most popular are slip-in and flanged mounting. This following article will give you a basic understanding if you want to compare and contrast these two.

Existing ducts

For existing ducts and retrofits, flanged mounting like that available on the HEATREX QUZ model is usually preferred.
A cut of the right width, with proper planning and care, can be made in the older ductwork with enough metal left over to
form four flanges. These flanges are bent into place around the perimeter of the duct on both sides of the cut. Using bolts or sheet metal screws the heater is mounted. For larger heaters, additional bracing can be installed, if necessary.

New Construction

For new construction, however, a hole is simply cut in the side of the duct and the heater simply slides into the pre-fabbed hole. To hold the heater in place, sheet metal screws are used with additional bracing as required. The process can also be applied to fiberglass ducts provided sheet metal liner – extended in to the duct at least 6″ on both sides of the heating elements-is used to protect the fiberglass material. The HEATREX QUA model is and excellent slip-in option in these cases in particular, for open coil applications especially. Finally either of these electric duct heater options can be custom-built for any-size duct or any unusual placement or installation.

For more information about the installation of our electric duct heaters – flange or slip-in mounting – please visit us online at or call us directly at (800)394-6589.