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How to Select an Infrared Heater

Infrared heat confronts most flaws of other heaters that are noisy, creates dust circulation, and have upper end operating cost, especially in large structures.  Infrared heating is usually refused, because the inadequacy of good layout practice usually results in the outcome of unsatisfied heat distribution.  This piece is help some on how to select an […]

Watt Density and Sheath Material

The two most critical factors affecting element life is watt density and sheath material.  Watt density is the measurement of how many watts are used per square inches of heater surface area and it determines heater operating temperature for a given set of conditions.  Sheath material must be suitable for the corrosive conditions and extreme […]

Extending Heater Life

Repair bills can be expensive and nerve wracking!  Following these simple tips for extending heater life will save everyone from a major headache.  The tips are not only intended to keep the heater going, but they have an effect on the productivity of systems, reduce major maintenance costs, and result in lower energy costs.

Infrared for Industrial Heating

Infrared technology is used in many industrial heating (IR) applications across several different industries. The article below written by Reed Miller and posted on industrialheating.com discusses the different applications IR technology is used in, the advantages compared to other heating techniques, and different types including high temperature, use in preheating, and other applications.