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Immersion Heaters in the Food Industry  

Heatrex manufactures accurate, sturdy immersion heaters that can be used in food industries.   How to Choose the Correct Heater for Food Processing Immersion heaters can be immersed directly into the medium that needs to be heated.  The types of immersion heaters will differ with their installation aspects.  They may be installed in screw plug, […]

World’s Largest Power Generation Exhibition

Event Overview POWER-GEN International is the world’s largest power generation event focusing on the industry’s latest innovations, technical trends and business strategies. POWER-GEN International includes a broad range of qualified power professionals with the power to purchase. Throughout the years, POWER-GEN International has covered it all, providing a world stage for the innovations, ideas and […]

How to Size and Select Thermal Fluid Equipment

Proper selection ensures a safe thermal fluid system that will provide peak performance for many years.   A well-designed thermal fluid heating system can provide consistent, reliable and safe operation for decades. By selecting the right system with properly sized equipment, it can run at peak performance for its owner, optimizing output and production for […]

Slip-in Mounting and Flanged

Electric duct heaters can be installed in several forms, but the most popular are slip-in and flanged mounting. This following article will give you a basic understanding if you want to compare and contrast these two. Existing ducts For existing ducts and retrofits, flanged mounting like that available on the HEATREX QUZ model is usually […]

Screw Plug Heaters

Screw plug heaters are a type of immersion heaters that can heat liquids and gases in a variety of applications.  They can be used to process water heating and freeze protection.  Heatrex offers many different screw plug heaters that can provide direct heating at an energy-efficient cost.