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Heatrex is Bringing on a New Industrial Representative – Field Industries

Heatrex is bringing on a new industrial representative, Field Industries out of Houston, TX. Their territory covers the entire state of Louisiana and Oklahoma. Products in their line are: Process air heaters; Circulation and tank heaters; Finned tubular elements; Tubular elements; Direct and indirect immersion heaters and their related controls; Cooling tower control panel and […]

Component Heaters for Skid-Mounted Process Heating Systems

The Challenge A global skid-process system manufacturer that works in the power gen, oil & gas, nuclear, and industrial sectors was challenged to design skid-mounted processing equipment for a major energy company. The energy company needed a modular system that would increase the efficiency of their turbines for a series of oil & gas applications. […]

What is Delta T?

What is Delta T? It can be frustrating to hear a reference to something and not understand what they are talking about.For this reason we want to explain what Delta T is in relation to the heating industry. While no one expects you to remember the Greek alphabet in its entirety, unless you were educated […]

Selecting an Appropriate Heat-Resistant Alloy

Temperature limit is the first factor when choosing a heat-resistant alloy for a certain application. However, there are many more factors to consider for your application to succeed and to keep employees safe. An article from Industrialheating.com by Marc Glasser will give some good insight on heat-resistant alloy. Oxidation The first and foremost variable to […]

240 Series Unit Heater 

The 240 Series unit heater is available in 50 standard models with ratings up to 50 KW and voltages of 208, 240, 277, and 480 single or three-phase. They are available with a wide variety of factory built-in or field-installed options. Temperature Control: Single-stage or two-stage control with built-in or remote-mounted thermostats are available on all […]